Born in Oslo, in 1960, Nicolaus Widerberg is a member of one of the most distinguished artistic families in Norway: his mother Aasa showed a distinct talent as an art student; his father Frans has long been acknowledged as the foremost figurative painter and graphic artist of his generation in Norway, and his younger brother Thomas, is a talented composer and photographer.

Despite being brought up in an artistic environment, as a child Widerberg’s first interest in art was prompted by learning about Pharaonic sculpture at the Rudolph Steiner School in Oslo. When he became a student at the National College of Art and Design in 1980 and, two years later, the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, his interest in sculpture developed, strongly influenced by the neoclassicism of his Professor, Boge Berg who in 1990 wrote ‘It will be exciting to follow his inquisitive search for his own myth through his creative work. He has a force and talent that promises high expectations for his future.’ 

Today, Nico Widerberg, works across the disciplines, moving effortlessly between sculpture, painting and printmaking with the consistency of an artist who is entirely at one with himself and his materials. Despite a relentless programme of exhibitions, commissions, lectures and interviews he responds positively to the ever increasing demand for his work and continues to produce extraordinarily poetic works in glass, bronze, granite and marble. He is currently acknowledged as one of the most distinguished artists working in Norway today whose work is represented in major public and private collections internationally. He currently lives and works in Oslo.

2015 Gallery Fine Art, Oslo
2015 Kunstverke, Oslo
2015 Ålesund Kunstforening
2015 Gallery Haaken, Oslo
2014 Bærum Kunstforening
2013 Grieg Hall, Bergen
2013 Gallery Haaken, Oslo
2013 Gallery Zink, Lillehammer